Titanfall 2 DLC: Colony Reborn out now

On Thursday 30th March EA games officially revealed the next free DLC drop for Titanfall 2 called Colony Reborn.

First, the trailer:

Here’s a breakdown of everything coming with Colony Reborn.

FREE CONTENT  available for all Titanfall 2 owners.

  • New Map
    • Colony – This classic should be familiar to long time Titanfall fans. Set among a sleepy settler town, the dense center is filled with narrow streets, interiors, and rooftops surrounded by open Titan lanes.


  • Weapon
    • R-101 – Universally well regarded for its unique versatility, the R-101 platform has been a mainstay of human conflict since the first settlers arrived from the Core Systems. This version is outfitted with ACOG scope.


  • New execution
    • Curb Check

There is also paid cosmetic content – Outfit your pilot, weapons, Titans, banners, and patches with these new cosmetics.

  • Prime Titans
    • Northstar
    • Legion
  • Titan Art Nose Art
    • 5 new designs
    • 1 new Warpaint per Titan
  • Camo pack
    • 20 camos
  • Callsign pack
    • 20 banners
    • 20 patches


  • With the launch of Colony Reborn EA have also been kicking off another Free Trial weekend that will start on 30/3 and run through to the 3/04, you can also play the Training Gauntlet and the single player mission The Beacon. After the trial the Training Gauntlet and The Beacon will remain free to play in perpetuity.


  • To celebrate the return of Colony the Featured Playlist for that weekend will be Colony 24/7 and will support a variety of modes.


  • In addition to this there will also be a patch with a plethora of bug fixes, balancing, and game improvements. EA will be releasing full patch notes closer to launch.


  • From 30/3 to 4/3 EA are running Double XP for all modes in Titanfall 2.

Source: ea.com

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