We Happy Few Gets Possible Nod Onto The Big Screen.

In news that sounds a heck of a lot like an April Fool’s joke, the indie survival game We Happy Few is joining the likes of Resident Evil, Assassin’s Creed, and Hitman in the video game movie pantheon. Variety reports that Pitch Perfect producer Gold Circle Entertainment and dj2 Entertainment are set to bring it to life.

The We Happy Few production is currently seeking writers to pen a script. It’s not clear what involvement developer Compulsion Games has with the project, but head dev Guillaume Provost says dj2 executives were enthusiastic when bringing the adaptation pitch to the studio.

“Dj2 Entertainment approached us enthusiastically with really solid ideas about how to adapt our game to film while retaining its menace, dark humor, and central themes,” said Provost. CEO of dj2 Dmitri Johnson added that the company’s goal is to “make a movie that remains true to the source material, while still surprising fans.”

This isn’t the first video game adaptation dj2 has worked on. The company is currently producing movies based on Sleeping Dogs and Sonic the Hedgehog. In the past, it’s worked on an animated Skulls of the Shogun series and a Hawken short.

We Happy Few made a pretty big impression when its trailer debuted at Microsoft’s 2016 E3 press conference, but it’s still in Early Access on Steam. When most of the video game movies being made are based on heavyweight franchises that have proven their popularity, it’s surprising to see a relatively small indie game get the possible go ahead in such a big move.

Resident Evil, Doom, Super Mario and Mortal Kombat are but a few video games to be made into a film. I enjoy seeing a director’s take on a series I know and love.Warcraft was the latest adaptation that made onto the big screen and it was a great hit for both newbies and fans alike.

In recent years there has been other games in the pipeline such as Gears Of War that haven’t made it into the collection of adaptations but we’re all hoping it gets there along with many other top titles. We’ll certainty keep our fingers crossed. This game however reminds me very much so of that similar style game BioShock, another twisted story we would all surely like to see created into film.

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