The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth European Switch Release Details

The Binding of Isacc: Afterbirth was supposed to be released for the Switch on day one, however, due to a few technical issues, it failed to be ready in time for it’s designated launch window. Fast Foreward a few weeks and confirmation has finally been revealed regarding its new release schedule, and thankfully for fans of the game, it’s not too far away.According to Headup Games and American publishers Nicalis, The Binding of Issac: After birth will be launching sometime in Q2 this year. And will be available for  €39.99 (or your regional equivalent)

“Nicalis has sought a partner that can take good care of our European fanbase. And with Headup Games, we’ve found it. They’re going to do their best to ensure our games get into the hands of European players,” said Nicalis president Tyrone Rodriguez. 

No confirmation has been received however regarding the ‘extras’ that were included with the American version. The US version was released on March 17th and included some pretty cool merchandise –

  • Two limited sticker sheets,
  • A reversible alternate cover,
  • An Isaac face sticker,
  • And a 20-page instruction booklet parodying the NES Zelda manuals.

Hopefully, some of these will be included in the Uk version, but only time will tell.

Can’t wait to play a bit of Issac? Thanks to the Switch being region free you could always download the US version via the US eShop (you will need to set up an account first).

*source Eurogamer

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