The Switch is fundamentally flawed. Buy one anyway.

Nintendo Switch

There’s something fundamentally broken with Nintendo’s new and somehow-still-glorious console, the Switch.

It has flaws. More than we expect from a Nintendo product – and certainly more than we’re entirely comfortable with. There’s the well-publicised left Joy-Con issue, a plague that affected many an early adopter – a ‘manufacturing inconsistency’ that’s somehow fixable with a small piece of foam. There are twisted Docks and scratched screens all over Twitter. It’s a premium product, but to get the most out of it you’ll need to invest yet further – memory cards, screen protector, carry case, charging controller for your Joy-Cons, mouthwash to remove the taste of all those carts you’ve been licking.

There’s one truly outstanding, breath taking game – truly one of the greatest launch titles of any generation, ever; but Breath of the Wild’s brilliance is perhaps – very slightly – magnified by the lack of any other Ninty IP company at launch.

And above all these other flaws, there’s this: game progress tied to your console. Game progress that can’t be backed up, doesn’t live in the cloud, doesn’t follow your Nintendo ID login and might not even be transferable by Big N themselves. It’s a stunningly short sighted decision in this connected world of ours. Even more bafflingly, this is a choice made by Nintendo for a portable console that’s so much more vulnerable than any piece of hardware tied permanently to your TV.

On any level other than the emotional, we simply can’t recommend you pick up a Switch right now – or even any time soon. Don’t do it, just don’t.

Except… it feels glorious in our hands, nestling comfortably as all Nintendo hardware has done since that brave three pronged N64 controller. It feels right. The screen is beautiful, the UI is unapologetically uncluttered and simple. It’s still recognisably Nintendo, and is absolutely welcoming in a way that the PS4 or Xbox could never be. Hold me. Play with me. Love me.

“On any level other than the emotional, we simply can’t recommend you pick up a Switch right now – or even any time soon.”
And it’s so, so clever. The instant switch from docked to undocked and back again is a dream. The freedom to play your way – like a traditional handheld, with a joy con in each hand or fused together in that adorable dog-face, is liberating – and even the analytical portion of our brains is won over by the clever, clever tech inside each Joy Con.

The Switch connects with us emotionally in a way that no other console ever has. As whizzy as the tech is, the Switch has stolen our hearts like no other console.

Our heads can’t possibly recommend you buy a Nintendo Switch. Our hearts most definitely can.

The Nintendo Switch launched worldwide on 3 March, 2017 and our waking hours since that day have been filled with Hyrule adventures.

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