Super Bomberman R patch doubles framerate, reduces resolution


Super Bomberman R, the Switch launch title with a glorious pedigree it didn’t quite live up to, received an update this week that certainly addressed some of our issues with the game.

Input lag – an absolute killer for a game that demands superhuman reactions – was unacceptably high on launch, and the game’s 30 frames per second was solid, but disappointing given the series’ 60fps history.

Well, we’re pleased to report that lag in offline pay has been eliminated, and whilst online lag is still present it’s vastly improved.


And, almost unbelievably, a patch that promised an improved frame rate has actually doubled rates – on competitive play, at least. Here – at least according to the tech boffins over at Eurogamer – the game nails 60fps, whilst the more technically demanding story mode sees the framerate unlocked and hitting 45fps.

All this comes at a cost though – to hit these higher rates the plucky little Switch has to shift fewer pixels around. Docked, the resolution drops from 1080p to 720p, while undocked the pixel-count drops to 960×540.

Is this a noticeable drop in clarity? Yes, absolutely. Do we care? Not a jot.

What the game now lacks in visual sharpness it more than makes up for in, well, gameplay sharpness. It just feels so much more satisfying to play. It feels like Bomberman.

Were you a Bomberman fan disappointed by the game’s debut on Switch? Has the patch improved things for you? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Konami, Eurogamer

The Nintendo Switch launched worldwide on 3 March, 2017. Super Bomberman R is available from retailers with an RRP of £49.99.

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