MyWorld Update Brings Loot To The Game

MyWorld is the unique 3D RPG multiplayer sandbox game by The Game Creators. Set out to bridge the gap between playing and creating games, MyWorld allows you to create RPG games within your own world. Take a look at out First Impressions of the game HERE.

As promised by the developers, MyWorld is set for a lot of changes before it comes out of early Access on Steam, and this new update is just the start! Today’s update adds a massive 950+ Loot Fest including – Rings, weapons and armour sets, each haveing a chance to drop from killing enemies in any world you are adventuring through, plus guaranteed loot drops from bosses and an inventory for storing loot and checking hero/items stats.

Dave Milton, Lead Developer on MyWorld, said today, “There are now 13 levels of difficulty from Evergreen to Demon Blight 5, set from your inventory when inside the hub world. All 967 items can be found in each of the 13 levels, so we actually have just added 12,571 items! Plus, our 5 knights, including the infamous ‘Bucket Man’, now have names and a great mix of abilities and strengths.”

Released on Steam Early Access MyWorld has been described by users as “It’s like RPG maker, but with 3D graphics, better gameplay, and you don’t have to be a nuclear physicist to make a good story and game” and “An excellent framework for beginners, MyWorld is like Minecraft for game design”.

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