Star Wars: X-Wing Is Being Recreated In Unity Engine

A fan remake of Star Wars: X-Wing has slowly been coming together over the past few months. Utilising the Unity Engine, the team are attempting to re-create the iconic game from scratch, and to be honest it looks amazing! A new video showing some of the new features has just been revealed. The video below showcases new explosions, a new HDR lighting system, new planets, a mission selection screen, complete Y-Wing historical mission set, AI improvements and a playthrough of Mission 5.

XWVM is a mod to 1993-1998 Lucasarts’ Star Wars X-Wing PC game, that attempts to improve it in almost every way while keeping the original gameplay and content. It achieves this by utilising the original Star Wars: X-Wing flight engine and by reading the XWing resources in your GoG XWing game folder it creates the game in a more modern format, allowing you to play the mission with modern resolutions, input methods, and a few usability improvements.

Take a look at the video and let us know what you think:

*source DSOG

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