Everyone’s Favorite Painter Bob Ross Is Coming To SMITE

You read that right, Bob ross is indeed coming to SMITE. The soft-spoken frizzy haired painter who is best known for his phrases like ‘Happy little trees’ and ‘We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents’, has been added to SMITE as a Sylvanus Skin. The skin will be added today for PC and will arrive May 16th for consoles. Why Bob Ross I hear you ask? Well, why not!

To play as Bob you’ll need to buy a bundle DLC that unlocks him as a skin for Sylvanus. Bob himself can be seen riding a living tree, kind of apt don’t you think? Take a look at the full patch video below to see everything new that’s been added to Smite.

Want to skip straight to the Bob Ross reveal segment? It’s at 28:50 in the video:

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