Ex-Fable Chief Joins Sony To Lead AAA PlayStation VR Projects

The former chief of Microsoft’s shuttered Lionhead Studios has been headhunted by Sony’s own London Studio to lead the development of AAA PlayStation VR projects. Stuart Whyte, who’ll begin work this coming Monday, has a long and storied history in the industry, having held positions at legendary UK developers like Bullfrog and Microprose prior to his gig at Xbox.

London Studio has become one of Sony’s most reliable outfits when it comes to the creation of experimental, mainstream titles such as Singstar and EyePet. It most recently released PlayStation VR Worlds, a compilation of virtual reality experiences including the exceptional proof of concept, The London Heist.

“I’m super excited to be joining the London team to lead them further on their journey to becoming the world’s leading AAA, VR Team,” Whyte told Games Industry.biz. Expect more high-profile PlayStation VR titles to come out of London Studio in the future, then – we can’t wait to see what the developer’s up to.

For those who have not yet seen PlayStation VR in action here is a brief preview into what you can expect to see and experience in the world of Batman in, Batman Arkham VR.

If you’re still undecided on this latest addition to the gaming industry there are more exciting titles heading your way. Personally Doom would be something I would love to see come to Playstation VR, I want to feel the effects of that chainsaw cutting through flesh and bone but Batman has me excited for this VR potentially has to offer.

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