What’s In The G2A Deal?

G2A Has always been there for great deals, whether it be CS-GO skins or new games on the market. However, they have recently had to tighten their protocols regarding scammers and their process for the protection of their customers. With this in mind, what would be a good way to gain back any lost trust? Well a great deal, that’s how.

So what are they up to at the moment? Well, starting today they have a new G2A Deal – 5 Indie games, for under €3!

So far the deal consists of the games below:

1. Tempest – The Pirates Life has always Been risky, Are you Ready for the challenge?  In Tempest you get to sail the Seas in the three worlds, Looking for New Ships and Quests in this Open-World action RPG. Sail with Caution, who knows what lurks below.

2. The Uncertain: Episode 1 – The Last Quiet Day – With the First episode now out, Play as RT-217NP, An engineering robot. Adventure the post-apocalyptic world. And Decipher why humans have slaughtered their race. Beware of what the truth Holds.

3. Bulb BoyEver Wondered what it’s like to have a Lightbulb for a Head? Then this games for you, in Bulb Boy, play as Bulb Boy! And defeat the monsters in this 2D Point-and-click Adventure!
Be Warned of what lurks in the dark!

4. Mushroom WarsMan the Largest Mushroom Army to date, and Effortlessly Compete with other tribes in this “Real-time” strategy game. Have you got what it takes to Fight?

5. The Red SolsticeVenture into the year 2280 A.D. Where the earth is rendered inhabitable and must fight to live on mars, in this Teamwork based Game, Best of Wishes on the Martian surface!

*source G2A

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