Rapture Gaming Festival, Streaming Zone

At the weekend myself and Scott Mercer had the pleasure of being guests at the first ever Rapture Gaming Festival which was held in Charter Hall, in Colchester, Essex. With the event fresh in the mind and so much to write home, there was a lot of variety on show for veteran and new gamers alike.

The thing that stood out in my mind was the Streamers Connected zone, being new to streaming and having a Youtube channel with some videos on, I wondered if there was a community out there that catered for such an occasion, upon talking to one of the streamers, before he broadcast live on the streaming platform Twitch, he told Scott and myself that the purpose of Streamers Connected was to make streaming and twitch in particular feel like a family again, something which he thought had been lost with the emergence of the eSports scene.












I was very interested in improving my stream and get to gain better knowledge on how to broadcast a stream well. The streamer informed us that all we had to do was join Discord (an online chat community) where Streamers Connected has in excess of 4000 members and was created by Lt. Zonda to give people advice on how to do a stream, how to promote their stream and plenty more. So if like me, you fancy joining this great community and get into streaming go to discord.gg/StreamersConnected either download the app or open in your web browser and join the thousands of others.

With all this being said, I would like to give a massive shout out and congratulations to the event itself and to all of the staff and the hard work that was put in by every individual to make this show work. It was a great weekend with many other attractions on show and I witnessed from a personal view that if there was a problem with a faulty console or control pad the staff were there at hand to help. No show doesn’t have it faults but considering the size of this event and its new presence it went down well with the fans and newcomers alike.

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