G2A.COM wins Business Insider innovation award

G2A.COM has been presented with the Innovation Initiator award by Business Insider. The award is given to companies that use new and unconventional methods to succeed and effectively grow their companies.

G2A has been recognized by Business Insider for its strong focus on innovation and the research and development of new products, services, and solutions.

G2A was founded in 2010 as a regular online retailer, and in just seven short years has become a global transaction ecosystem which houses the world’s fastest growing digital gaming marketplace for game key codes and other digital products.

Aside from the marketplace, G2A has developed many diverse products, including: G2A PAY, a fast and convenient payment gateway with over 200 different payment methods available, G2A Dev Studio, a video game development studio specializing in virtual reality, G2A 3D and 3D Plus, a 3D printing platform for both 3D designers and fans, and G2A Gear, an online hub with clothing and accessories from well-known video games and gaming influencers. G2A has also established its own developer and publisher program, G2A Direct, which offers developers the chance to create their own storefront on G2A.COM as well as benefit from worldwide promotional and marketing campaigns.

G2A plans to further add to and expand its product portfolio, and continue on the path of being an initiator of innovation. More information can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram plus much more at g2a.com

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