Antihero Review


Antihero is a turn-based strategy game, set in a gas-lit Victorian era from developer Tim Conkling and publisher Versus Evil. Antihero is set for release on the 10th of July 2017 for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.


Antihero’s turn-based combat comes across as standard at first glance, but after playing a few games against the adaptive AI, you really learn that the key to winning is going into the game with a strategy.

The gameplay always had me thinking “What can I do next?”. This is exactly what you want from a turn-based strategy game, that feeling of “Yeah, I’ve got this” can turn to “What did they just do?” in a matter of turns. If playing against the adaptive AI gets too easy for you, there is an online multiplayer mode, which pits you move for move wit for wit against player around the world.


Antihero’s Victorian art style really sets it apart from the other turn-based strategy games, and because it’s in 2D it means anyone can play on any computer or tablet device. I like Antihero’s art style because of the detail of all the characters; from the nine playable thieves to the thugs, gangs and other characters. Time has been put into making them era accurate and every map tells a different story.


The music of Antihero changes from level to level. Every level has a somber yet mischievous feel to it, which automatically makes a person think of something befitting a story of thieves in the Victorian era. Each character has their own voice clips, from the gentleman thief Lightfinger to the cockney Urchin. The music of Antihero is what I believe ties the game altogether as it sets the tone and the gameplay and art style fill in the rest.


Antihero is a fun, playful game in a genre that at times can feel a bit stuffy and to some people boring. It blends a unique art style with a serious soundtrack but doesn’t bear down on you. Gameplay is challenging but fun, it makes you have to go into every map with a plan, as going without could spell your doom.

I enjoyed Antihero because it breathes new life into a genre which for me personally was boring and stagnant. I feel that Antihero will appeal to a lot of casual gamers and mobile gamers as you don’t have to spend half a day working on one game.

Antihero is the complete package needed to bring the turn-based strategy genre back from the depths of public interest, in my opinion.



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