The Escapists 2 Review – Xbox One

Do you ever lay in bed at night and plan what you’d do in unlikely situations? Say, if you met your celebrity idol, or if you won £1,000,000? Well, with The Escapists 2, you can plan your escape from many high security prisons.

The new game from Team 17, The Escapists 2, is the long awaited sequel to the highly acclaimed The Escapists, the game that puts you as an inmate and tasks you with, as the name suggests, escaping. You can do this by many different ways; sneaking out in different clothes, digging yourself a tunnel or even simply just cutting a hole in the fence. You can be as creative and as violent as you like, beating other inmates up or, if you fancy it, the guards too. You can craft weapons and tools out of objects you find, and you can loot other people’s desks to find more loot.

While you plan your escape, you must carry out your daily routine, consisting of meal times, exercise, shower, work and free time. If you miss any of these, the guards start getting suspicious and raise the surveillance – that’s the last thing you need when learning guard patterns and running errands for other inmates. During your free time, you can study to raise your intellect, which in turn allows you to craft better tools and weapons, meaning you can take guards down more efficiently.

There are 10 prisons to escape from, each with their own awards for different escape methods. On one, you can dress up as film crew and simply walk out the front door, while on another, you must craft a fake carrot to lure a horse to the window. To unlock more prisons, you must find different ways to escape the prison. The creativity of the developers in making escape methods is amazing – they may sound random, but they sure as hell work.

There is an online mode, meaning you and a friend can access places previously blocked. For example, some doors require one person to hold open while the other can get through.

The design of the game follows on from the previous instalment, pixelated and basic, but it works. The game looks beautifully retro. The sound and the music is great too.

The controls are simple and easy to get the hang of, exercise only really uses the triggers, interacting with other people and objects is done with the A button, and the crafting menu is opened with Y. The tutorial prison at the start shows you everything you need to escape every prison, all you have to do is plan your course of action.

The only downside I see to this game, is the annoyance of being caught by the guards in some of the more higher security prisons, as they attack you on sight and carry you back to your cell at the start again, but I guess that adds to the element of problem solving and planning that is required when escaping a prison.

With a cameo appearance from YouTuber Jacksepticeye, The Escapists 2 isn’t an unknown game at all, and as a game I would genuinely come back and play again, this game could really be a hit. Watch this space.

The Escapists 2 is out now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, all for £20, and is coming soon for Nintendo Switch.

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