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Marooners is an all action ‘multi player mini-game’ game, from developers M2H Games, a studio who pride themselves on specializing in multiplayer games – that’s a lot of ‘game’ in one sentence! Describing itself as ‘The most chaotic multiplayer game on the planet’, it certainly lives up to that description. Fast reflexes are the key to success, along with a little bit of brute force here and there. So just what is Marooners all about?

The game begins with, as always, the ability to choose your own desired character and weapon, although as with most games you don’t have a lot of choice at the start. As you progress through the game you will begin to unlock different characters and weapons that you can equip, although all the weapons and characters are entirely the same, there’s no way to give yourself an edge here when everything is just a cosmetic upgrade. Speaking of cosmetics, the game itself looks rather good, with a very cartoony look to it – it kind of reminds me of Dora the Explorer for some strange reason. This simple look, along with some very basic controls – forwards, back, left, right, jump and hit, allows the game to appeal to all age groups and abilities, and that’s something that helps push this as a fun family game.

Away from the cosmetics, we have the gameplay and it’s no surprise that it’s all about fast paced action! The game begins in one of the many random mini games that are available, each is quite unique and different from the last. With games involving running, jumping, smashing, and generally not getting squashed, it’s a fun experience playing any of them. If playing with up to 6 friends on the screen at once wasn’t going to be hard enough, the game has a new, rather sadistic twist! Every few seconds the game will jump over to a new mini game, quick as a flash your lead in the previous match has vanished as a new test has begun. Sounds annoying, but it’s not, in fact, it’s this random ‘switch’ that makes the game more interesting, as the need to think on your feet is tested throughout. But don’t get complacent, as any second you will be whisked back to any of the previous games to continue from where you left off… alive or dead.

Dead I hear you ask, well if you happen to get knocked out of the level by any of the game’s mechanics you will be instantly revived as a ghost. Although you will no longer have the ability to collect items or jewels, or indeed die once again, you can hit your opponents and, as you’re a ghost, they can’t hit you – time to Troll a few people. As if the game wasn’t hard enough already, now you have to deal with your ‘deceased friends attempting to push you into obstacles, attempting to kill you, or worse still, making you loose your hard earned gold.

Gold and jewels are the main currency within each game, with your goal being to collect as much as you possibly can, and of course, to stay alive. keeping your gold isn’t that easy though, as every hit from another player makes you drop one of your precious coins, allowing anyone the chance to claim it, thankfully that includes you. The games mechanic will continue to swap between levels until there is only 1 player left, once that happens a bonus 25coins will appear for them, but only if they can collect it. This level is now finished and won’t be put back into the available games. Once all the available levels have had a winner crowned it’s off to the podium to see just who the winner is – it’s not necessarily who you might think… The winner is crowned when their total gold collected is tallied up, meaning that anyone can win in the end, it’s not just the person who happens to have won the most games.

Recently Marooners had an update and it was quite a big one in respect to the game. The main feature included the addition of ‘pirate bots’, making it possible to now play the game solo or even to fill out games with your friends. For a multiplayer game, this was sorely needed, as sometimes playing with lower numbers of players became a tad boring over time. This, however, isn’t where the Marooners story ends, as the developers have promised they have lots more content to announce in the near future.

Overall the game is a great addition to any family game bundle, or even for a few hours with friends. For a multiplayer game it hits all the right buttons, and although it may get a tad samey with only a few players, it’s a great, well thought out multiplayer game. With the developers still working hard on expanding it, Marooners is a good choice if you fancy a few hours of fun gameplay with, or without friends.

Marooners is available via Steam Early Access HERE

Marooners is available for £9.99

Marooners Deluxe edition is available for £10.42 at the moment as it has 10% off

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