Destiny 2 Hype!

The Destiny 2 servers are now live.

If you are lucky enough to get a physical copy of Destiny 2 ahead of it’s 6th September release date, you can play it now… yes you read that last bit right! Even here in the UK. Our Very Chris has been playing it most of the day since his copy arrived at around 1pm 05/09/17.

People are streaming the game now on Twitch, Mixer and YouTube, although those streams are best avoided if you want to stay spoiler free.

Now here’s the bad news but you can probably guess what’s next, if you bought the digital copy of the game, you’ll have to wait until midnight tonight to play.

Bungie had told fans via their twitter, website and other feeds to expect Destiny 2 to go live at midnight local time across the world. So, digital copies bought in New Zealand, for example, have now gone live and it slowly moves across the world falling next on the UK soon! Digital owners have already expressed their frustration at physical owners being able to jump into the game, while they have have to wait until midnight wherever they are in the world to play.

Digital Owners Countdown

-18Days -14Hours -2Minutes -18Seconds


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