Rebirth Of The Retro

After my last solo piece on the re-introduction of retro gaming, I thought I would update the current status of my operation. After my purchase of a Sega Megadrive, I got talking to friends at work about it and it brought back a flood of memories of their first gaming experiences. You could see the joy in their faces, reliving those fond memories and achievements, as they told you of their experiences, you could feel that the consoles and games they once played have remained engrained in their memory.

I am found talking about my Sega Megadrive on a regular occasion at work, and out of work, with friends and colleagues, but also about the SNES Mini Classic that is due for release later this month. After mentioning the up and coming release of this console classic remake, I found a host of people saying they had either pre-ordered or were looking to get their hands on one ASAP. As recently as the past week, my friend and fellow editor here at Any Button Gaming, Craig Gorman, has gone and purchased a Sega Megadrive himself.

So it begins. I have spent a lot of my spare time hunting around charity shops, online and small trade-in shops looking for retro gaming memorabilia or games console and games. To my surprise there has been a sharp rise in these classics being traded or handed in. Many trade-in stores such as CEX, Cash Exchange, Cash Converters and others of such nature, have been seen selling these products more often than not. I have found a few bargains of late from such shops and this is proof to me that retro gaming is making a come back.

I have seen that although, some of these shops over-charge for such pleasures, some do offer consoles and games at a fair price, that are clearly worth picking up as it is evident to me that retro gaming is on the rise, as people chase the memories of old or new gaming experiences away from the current crop of games of today.

There are also a lot of independent shops popping up around Essex, where I live, that are specifically selling retro consoles and memorabilia. A further indication that this area of gaming is making a strong stand and is proving popular in the gaming industry is evident from Nintendo producing Mini Classic versions of their NES and SNES.

It’s not just Sega and Nintendo I’ve seen popping up, the original PlayStation has been seen making an appearance in trade-in shops. The only thing for me is that PlayStation games were too often resold in broken cases, and the discs were scratched, making some games unplayable because of a damage. Manuals, along with older games, are more often than not missing also – if not, they are stained, torn or damaged in some way. For me, cartridge based consoles have been more of an attraction because they are stronger and last longer in my opinion.

With saying what’s been said, I think that a N64 Mini Classic will not be far behind the SNES version, and it is possible for Sony to jump on the band wagon and do something similar alongside what Nintendo have produced. It was reported a month or two ago that there were rumours that an N64 could well be in the pipeline – such rumours have remained dormant since this was reported. It’s highly likely that due to the release of the SNES Mini Classic later this month, that they do not want to halt the demand or interest in this retro buzz console. We will at least be side tracked for months on end by the new SNES.

Regardless of whether such thoughts are just mere dreams, classic gaming is back! I think it will only continue to grow as people jump on the nostalgia train, or are looking to try something a little different. Everywhere you look now, something new around the retro gaming scene is popping up. Exciting times ahead for us dedicated fans but maybe not for our pockets.

Here’s to retro gaming and gaming in general, and all the fun and enjoyment it brings to us all. Happy gaming everyone.


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