Nintendo Switch

Brawl – Nintendo Switch Review

February 8, 2018 G00Ninator 0

Brawl is an action/party indie game developed by QubicGames, inspired by Bomber-Man. It shares many of the same characteristics, but also throws elements of horror into the game. Brawl puts you into a world where all of your nightmares reside in the dark and dank emporium. Within this emporium are [Continue Reading]

Retro Reviews

Metroid Prime – Retro Review

January 23, 2018 G00Ninator 0

Metroid Prime is a game that first released in 2002 for the Nintendo GameCube, but the series goes all the way back to 1986 on the NES. Metroid Prime was developed by Retro Studios alongside the series creator Yoshio Sakamoto and was the first in the series to go 3D. [Continue Reading]