Indie Games

The Coma: Recut Review

October 14, 2017 MissSabre

The cult indie Korean classic has returned in a remastered version of the PC game The Coma: Cutting Class. In The Coma: Recut, you play Youngho, a young Korean student who is studying for his [Continue Reading]


INK Review

September 21, 2017 MissSabre

“Ink is a fast paced platformer where you use ink to uncover your surroundings” Inks controls are very simple to learn, use the left analogue stick for movement and the A button to jump, double [Continue Reading]


Snake Pass Review

April 2, 2017 MissSabre

Developed by Sumo Digital, Snake Pass is a 3D puzzle platform game. As Noodle the Snake you must traverse the colourful world trying to find the missing gate keys which allows you to move on [Continue Reading]

Coming Soon

Ark: Breaking Equus

March 9, 2017 MissSabre

When the Wild horses AKA Equus come to Ark: Survival Evolved, it will include a unique way to tame them. A breaking in wild ride mechanic is going to be added on their arrival. So [Continue Reading]


Pineview Drive Review

March 7, 2017 MissSabre

Pineview Drive is a first person adventure developed by VIS games and published by UIG, was originally released in 2014 on PC and the story is set on a mansion based at the address. Your [Continue Reading]


Spheroids Review

February 21, 2017 MissSabre

Spheroids is a 2D side scrolling platformer created by the Indie game developer Eclipse Games. You take control of Lucas, a jumpy Canadian boy who sets out on an adventure with his crazy scientist companion [Continue Reading]