Wuppo – Xbox One Review

January 30, 2018 Tim 0

The creativity of the indie scene has exploded in recent years. We’ve been graced with some stunning pieces of work in both the artistic and storytelling departments. Wuppo is no exception when it comes to graphics. It’s one of the more cutesy, artistic titles out there. In fact, it’s the [Continue Reading]


Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Latest Patch Detailed

January 23, 2018 Tim 0

Since the release of the PC smash hit PUBG on Xbox One back in December via the game preview program, sales have surpassed three million. An amazing achievement for essentially a game still being optimised. And with it, the developers have released regular updates as they strive to make the [Continue Reading]


Fable Could Be Making A Rise From The Ashes

January 17, 2018 Tim 0

Fable fans have had it rough over the last five years or so. With the closure of the Lionhead studio behind the original games in the series, and the cancellation of the promising Fable Legends, it seemed as if the franchise had been left to rot. However, reports from Eurogamer [Continue Reading]


Microsoft Officially Ends Kinect Adaptor Production

January 3, 2018 Tim 0

After Microsoft officially ended production of Kinect back in October 2017, they have followed suit with ceasing production of the Kinect adaptor. The adaptor is used to allow the Kinect to be plugged into the Xbox One S and One X as the original port was removed from these versions [Continue Reading]

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