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Celeste Confirmed For Switch

February 23, 2017 deathrock2010

In July 2016, Towerfall developer Matt Thorson announced he was working on new single-player 2D platformer called Celeste. A simple mountain climbing/platforming game that would bring the old school feel back to gaming. 6 months [Continue Reading]

Indie Games

Cosy Goat: Seasteader 

February 3, 2017 big burg

Cosy Goat? Who are they I here you say. Well…Cosy Goat is a two-person studio currently based in Devon, England. There main focus is making games that are engaging and fun to play. There first [Continue Reading]

Indie Games

Our Indie Game of 2016

December 24, 2016 big burg

So with 2016 coming to a end, we would like to know what is your indie title of 2016 is? With so many indie titles available  on all platforms, it has been very difficult to [Continue Reading]

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