Hello Neighbor – Xbox One Review

January 2, 2018 Tim 0

Kids are inquisitive and curious in nature. Harvesting the opportunity to become a peeping Tom into your neighbour’s house would more than satisfy their snooping needs. And that’s exactly the premise for developers Dynamic Pixels [Continue Reading]


Road Rage – Xbox One Review

November 30, 2017 Tim 0

There’s a distinctive association been flying around the internet prior to release with Road Rage that this is this rebirth of the acclaimed EA series of the 16-bit era, Road Rash. If you’re expecting such [Continue Reading]


Sonic Forces – Xbox One Review

November 12, 2017 Tim 0

The Sonic Cycle. We all know it. New game announced, lots of hype. New footage emerges which dashes hopes with an abundance of characters announced. Game releases and is panned by critics as fans once [Continue Reading]


The Coma: Recut Review

October 14, 2017 bigburg85 0

The cult indie Korean classic has returned in a remastered version of the PC game The Coma: Cutting Class. In The Coma: Recut, you play Youngho, a young Korean student who is studying for his [Continue Reading]


F1 2017 – Review

August 24, 2017 bigburg85 0

Are you a massive Formula 1 fan? If So, good news! Codemasters have released their latest instalment of the Franchise Formula 1 game, F1 2017! This latest instalment got my attention the moment Codemasters teased [Continue Reading]

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