January 16, 2018

Any Button Gaming reviews tell you whether we liked a game or not, and why. We know you trust us to help you make buying decisions; our reviews should provide you with sufficient analysis and context to allow you to put yourself in our reviewer’s position and help you determine if a particular game is worthy of consideration.

Bleed – Nintendo Switch Review
Bleed is a blast. Bootdisk Revolution’s action platformer finally lands on Nintendo Switch, some three-and-a-half years after it first appeared
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Letter Quest Remastered
Letter Quest Remastered – Nintendo Switch Review
“It’s spellin’, innit?” It certainly is, and if you’re aiming for the most reductive description of Bacon Bandits’ family-friendly RPG
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Mantis Burn Racing
Mantis Burn Racing – Nintendo Switch Review
A year after gracing this generation’s other platforms, Mantis Burn Racing rolls up to the starting line on Nintendo Switch.
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The Flame in the Flood – Nintendo Switch Review
We don’t want to watch young Scout – heroine protagonist of The Flame in the Flood – die again. The
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Earth Atlantis – Nintendo Switch Review
Imagine, nearly 200 years on, Charles Darwin’s sketchbook from visits to the Galapagos. Sepia toned, pages cracking with age, the
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