Monster Slayers Review – PC

March 28, 2017 Deathrock2010 0

Monster Slayers is a fast paced deck building rouge like adventure game – try saying that fast three times over! The game brings a new twist to the generic card battling games by utilising the cards as basic forms of attack. Rather than playing from a gameboard, you progress through dungeons, [Continue Reading]


2Dark Review – Xbox One

March 24, 2017 Donovan Ryder 0

You could argue that 2Dark, as a title, has three meanings. Firstly, it could be a not so subtle reference to the game’s creator Frédérick Raynal, who also created Alone in the Dark. You know, before it became the bloated, decaying corpse of franchise we know and loath today. Perhaps [Continue Reading]


Trulon: The Shadow Engine Xbox One – Review

March 24, 2017 bigburg85 0

A turn based combat game set in a world of magic and steampunk, with cartoon-ishly adorable characters and quests that aren’t too taxing, Trulon: The Shadow Engine is a charming delight, but not without its flaws. Tripudia, the land in which Trulon is set, is being besieged by monsters and [Continue Reading]


Lego Worlds Review – Xbox One

March 18, 2017 bigburg85 0

There’s no escaping that Lego Worlds has similarities to Mojangs Minecraft. Of course, Lego Worlds also taps into the minds of the players’ imagination. One thing that stands out for us, every parent will know how bloody painful it is to stand on one of your children’s Lego bricks! Lego Worlds takes the [Continue Reading]


Vaccine Review – Xbox One

March 13, 2017 bigburg85 0

In today’s modern gaming society it is very unlikely that we’ll find we agree with everyone on every aspect of gaming all the time. There are a few things that are almost, not absolutely, but almost universally agreed upon in the gaming world. For example Bethesda rarely make a bad [Continue Reading]


Table Top Racing World Tour Review – Xbox One

March 11, 2017 bigburg85 0

Micro Machines just got some competition in the form of Table Top Racing World Tour developed by Playrise Digital! We were over the moon when Codemasters announced Micro Machines will be coming to next gen consoles. Our excitement got even more of a boost when Table Top Racing World Tour [Continue Reading]


Verdun – Xbox One Review

March 9, 2017 Duff Man 3002 0

Verdun, the first person shooter based on World War 1 received rave reviews when it was released back in late April 2015, so it seemed obvious to bring a bit of history to consoles as well. On March 8th, Verdun found its way to Xbox One after notching up nearly 2 years on PC. A multiplayer focused [Continue Reading]


ABG’s First Impressions of: Northgard

March 4, 2017 bigburg85 0

Northgard, developed by Shiro Games, is a strategy based game with a Norwegian element where your explorers are in search of a world full of mystery along with the added elements of danger. Your main job as the player is to build, maintain and defend your base camp all while surviving the hostile world! [Continue Reading]

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