February 20, 2018

Sometimes we get some hands-on time with unfinished software – and you might too, if you pick up a Game Preview title. We’ll still tell you what we think, but we’ll hold back on a full review – and awarding a score – until it’s in its fully finished and final form.

My Time At Portia – Steam Early Access Preview
Ever wanted to get away and start a new life? Portia may be just the virtual place for you to
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ABG’s First Impressions of RimWorld (PC Early Access)
RimWorld is a new sci-fi colony simulator game with a twist, developed by Ludeon Studios RimWorld is all about the story. Gone
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ABG’s First Impressions Of My World Action RPG Maker (Early Access)
My World Action RPG Maker is a little bit different from the norm, not really a game but not really a
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ABG’s First Impressions Of Wartile (PC Early Access)
Wartile is a new twist on the old fashioned table top games. Now the rather flat table comes to life
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ABG’s First Impressions of: Northgard
Northgard, developed by Shiro Games, is a strategy based game with a Norwegian element where your explorers are in search of
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ABG’s First Impressions Of Hellion (PC Early Access)
Hellion is a first person multiplayer based, space survival game developed by Zero Gravity Games. Available now via Steam’s Early Access
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ABG’s First Impressions Of Guts And Glory (PC Kickstarter)
Guts and Glory is the new physics based death game developed by HakJak Productionsand published by TinyBuild. Featured on Kickstarter at the moment, they
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ABG’s First Impressions of CONAN EXILES (PC Early Access)
Conan Exiles is the new open world survival game from Funcom. Set in a barbaric wasteland, you are an exile who
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