Headup announces the visually stunning adventure game Trüberbrook

November 14, 2017 bigburg85 0

Kickstarter Campaign starting today! Together with the production company btf, also located in Germany, Headup Games announces the atmospheric mystery adventure game Trüberbrook. Truber-what? Well, imagine “Twin Peaks” meeting “The X-Files”, but in rural cold-war Germany. During the estimated gameplay length of 7 to 10 hours, the player takes the role of [Continue Reading]


Sonic Forces – Xbox One Review

November 12, 2017 Tim 0

The Sonic Cycle. We all know it. New game announced, lots of hype. New footage emerges which dashes hopes with an abundance of characters announced. Game releases and is panned by critics as fans once again feel let down. But does Sonic Forces fit the bill? Or is it following [Continue Reading]


Has-Been Heroes Receives Massive Free Expansion!

November 11, 2017 bigburg85 0

Has-Been Heroes, the challenging roguelike game of strategy and action from Frozenbyte and GameTrust has just received a massive free expansion pack! The expansion adds tons of new content for players to discover and includes the Trine heroes – Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight, and Zoya the Thief – as [Continue Reading]

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