2Dark Review – Xbox One

March 24, 2017 big burg

You could argue that 2Dark, as a title, has three meanings. Firstly, it could be a not so subtle reference to the game’s creator Frédérick Raynal, who also created Alone in the Dark. You know, [Continue Reading]


Lego Worlds Review – Xbox One

March 18, 2017 big burg

There’s no escaping that Lego Worlds has similarities to Mojangs Minecraft. Of course, Lego Worlds also taps into the minds of the players’ imagination. One thing that stands out for us, every parent will know how bloody painful [Continue Reading]


Verdun – Xbox One Review

March 9, 2017 Duff Man 3002

Verdun, the first person shooter based on World War 1 received rave reviews when it was released back in late April 2015, so it seemed obvious to bring a bit of history to consoles as well. On March 8th, Verdun found its [Continue Reading]


Pineview Drive Review

March 7, 2017 MissSabre

Pineview Drive is a first person adventure developed by VIS games and published by UIG, was originally released in 2014 on PC and the story is set on a mansion based at the address. Your [Continue Reading]

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