Letter Quest Remastered
Nintendo Switch

Letter Quest Remastered – Nintendo Switch Review

December 5, 2017 StaceyJK 0

“It’s spellin’, innit?” It certainly is, and if you’re aiming for the most reductive description of Bacon Bandits’ family-friendly RPG puzzler, that’s it. But to describe Letter Quest Remastered in such crudely simple terms does no end of disservice to this latest member of the Switch’s growing puzzle game library. [Continue Reading]


Acaratus – Review PC

June 24, 2017 bigburg85 0

Acaratus by Nodbrim Interactive, is a turn-based tactical RPG with card-based combat, large overpowering battlesuits that are fully customisable and a rather in-depth story. Set in a medieval steampunk world, you are Adina Collora, the adoptive child of the late Cillic Collora, once a wealthy slave dealer you are now on the run for possessing [Continue Reading]