Defunct – Xbox One Review

January 7, 2018 Duff Man 3002 0

Defunct, the brilliant new game from developers Freshly Squeezed, tasks you, an old, lonely robot, with trying to get back home. After falling out of your futuristic city-on-a-ship via a garbage chute, you land onto a futuristic Earth, an Earth only inhabited by robots. After years of operation, your robot [Continue Reading]


Microsoft Officially Ends Kinect Adaptor Production

January 3, 2018 Tim 0

After Microsoft officially ended production of Kinect back in October 2017, they have followed suit with ceasing production of the Kinect adaptor. The adaptor is used to allow the Kinect to be plugged into the Xbox One S and One X as the original port was removed from these versions [Continue Reading]


Hello Neighbor – Xbox One Review

January 2, 2018 Tim 0

Kids are inquisitive and curious in nature. Harvesting the opportunity to become a peeping Tom into your neighbour’s house would more than satisfy their snooping needs. And that’s exactly the premise for developers Dynamic Pixels Hello Neighbor. The question is, does this new take on the ‘survival horror’ genre make [Continue Reading]


This Weeks Deals With Gold Dec 12th – 18th

December 12, 2017 Tim 0

The latest Deals with Gold have been revealed by Major Nelson for the week ahead. It’s a bit of a mixed bag this week but the standout deal goes to Battlefield 1’s premium pass. Just in time for the third expansion, Turning Tides. Elsewhere games that are not to be [Continue Reading]


This Weeks Deals With Gold Dec 5th – 11th

December 5, 2017 Tim 0

This weeks Deals with Gold and Spotlight sale have been revealed by Major Nelson and are now live in the store for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 After a fantastic Black Friday week being followed up last week by one of the worse sale showings to date, we’re back [Continue Reading]


Road Rage – Xbox One Review

November 30, 2017 Tim 0

There’s a distinctive association been flying around the internet prior to release with Road Rage that this is this rebirth of the acclaimed EA series of the 16-bit era, Road Rash. If you’re expecting such delights then I am sorry to disappoint. This is nothing like the latter. But that [Continue Reading]

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