F1 2017 – Review

August 24, 2017 bigburg85 0

Are you a massive Formula 1 fan? If So, good news! Codemasters have released their latest instalment of the Franchise Formula 1 game, F1 2017! This latest instalment got my attention the moment Codemasters teased [Continue Reading]


Yooka-Laylee – Review

April 4, 2017 Donovan Ryder 0

I want to love Yooka-Laylee. I really do.  There’s a moment around 2 hours into this 3D platformer from Playtonic Games that epitomises the game at its best. Once you’ve collected enough “Pagies”, the magical [Continue Reading]


Lego Worlds Review – Xbox One

March 18, 2017 bigburg85 0

There’s no escaping that Lego Worlds has similarities to Mojangs Minecraft. Of course, Lego Worlds also taps into the minds of the players’ imagination. One thing that stands out for us, every parent will know how bloody painful [Continue Reading]

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